Are you a Hindu Chaplain

If you are ready to practice as a Hindu Chaplain then please send your details to us so that you can be listed as a Hindu Chaplain on our website for free. You must have

  1. A signed copy of Chaplaincy declaration (you can download the Chaplaincy declaration form here, sign it and keep a scanned copy of it ready to upload)
  2. A copy of your driving license or other identity documents
  3. a copy of your introductory course completion certificate 
  4. a copy of your police check
  5. a copy of your working with children check
  6. a nomination letter from a Hindu Council member organization (Click here for a list of a Hindu Council member organization in your state)

If you do not have either of these and still want to become a Hindu Chaplain, please contact Chaplaincy Committee by clicking here.

Additionally you can also upload, if you have,

  1. copy of advanced chaplaincy certificate
  2. a letter from Hindu Council stating your proficiency in Hinduism.

You can read Chaplaincy code of conduct here.

You can read staff and volunteer code of conduct here.

Please submit your details below :

New or Update : Providing New InformationUpdate my Information

Please select your state :

(Click here to see Hindu Council member list)

Please tick one or more boxes of your work area : HospitalsSchoolsPoliceMilitaryFire BrigadeOther

You must have done an Introductory course. Please enter information about your Introductory course certificate below :

Have you completed an advanced course? NoYes
If you answered Yes, then please enter information below :

Availability : FullTimePartTime

I here by agree to become a Volunteer and a Chaplain of Hindu Council of Australia. I declare that I have read and have understood and agree to abide by its Staff and Volunteer code of conduct and by its Chaplaincy code of conduct at all times.

I understand that I will be representing Hindu Council of Australia as its volunteer and or its Chaplain. I will do all things to uphold its values. If there is a conflict between my work as a volunteer and/or a Chaplain of Hindu Council of Australia and any other activity that I may be involved with, then I will declare that conflict and agree to do everything to protect and promote Hindu Council of Australia.



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