kalyanam Significance

Grand Celestial Wedding
Hindu Council of Australia Presents
Mega Event to bring the community together
Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam

We are very honoured and excited to share that deities of Sri Rama, Sri Sita Devi along with Sri Hanuman are coming to Australia from Bhadrachalam (Telengana) to perform the celestial wedding during our Deepavali festival celebrations in Parramatta on November 3rd.


Kalyanam Significance:
Sri Sita Rama Swami Vari Devaalayam in Bhadrachalam is one of the popular pilgrimage centers located on the left bank of the Godavari River and considered as a greatest holy shine not only in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana States but also in the country. The temple has a rich historical background and was constructed in 17th Century by the local Tahsildar, Kancharla Gopanna, popularly known as Bhakta Ram Das, a devotee of Lord Rama.
Sri Sita Rama Kalyana mahotsavam performed in Bhadrachalam by Bhadrachala Devastanam is also considered as one of the most important festive activities for all Hindus. As a tradition, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (now Bhadrachalam falls in to Telangana State) brings Pattu Vastraalu, Pearls as Talambraalu to this celestial wedding ceremony. Lakhs of devotees from all over the Country will come to Bhadrachalam to witness the Wedding as people believe that witnessing Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam is very pious in Hindu religion.
Now, Hindu Council of Australia (HCA) has obtained necessary permissions from Gov. of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana and from Bhadrachala Devastanam to perform Sri Sita Rama Kalyanams in Sydney with a view to promote Hindu Dharma in general, the significance of Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam of Bhadrachalam in particular to the NRI Community more for the younger generation.
This program is organised by HCA , in Diwali Mela 2018 on November 3rd and 4th 2018 at 10:00 AM.
Two Priests are coming along with a set of Idols of Lord Sri Rama and Sita Amma Vaaru, Laxmana Swami, Anjaneya Swami and will perform the Kalyanam in the most authentic manner.

kalyanam will be conducted by priests of Bhadrachalam temple with deities from Bhadrachalam.
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Saturday Nov 3rd 2018

11 AM – 5 PMSri SitaRama Kalyanam

Sunday Nov 4th 2018

11 AM – 5 PMPattabhishakam , Darshanam and Archana