SBS TV records growth of Hinduism in Australia

SBS (State Broadcasting Services) is an Australian TV and radio network supported by Australian government and specializes in ethnic community news. Decades ago when there were very few Hindus in Australia and Internet had not been invented yet, SBS was a major (and sometimes the only) source of news and entertainment for new migrants to Australia.

In the age of Internet and beaming of TV from all over the world, SBS has reinvented itself as a channel for multicultural Australia. As part of recording religions in Australia, Abbey from SBS has produced a TV program on the growth of Hinduism in Australia. The program was aired on SBS TV and a link to the article is provided below. 

Hindu Council of Australia has recorded the growth of Hinduism in Australia on its website as a part of its eLearing course on Hinduism. A link to that internet based course lesson is also provided below.

Link to SBS program

Link to eLearn Article on Hinduism in Australia

Best wishes on Savitri Puja!

Written by Madya Lila

Best wishes on Savitri Puja!

Savitri Puja celebrates Savitri, the courageous woman whose loyalty and courage brought her husband back from the dead. Savitri’s story is found in the Mahabharata. In ancient times, Savitri was a princess who chose to marry Satyavan, a prince living in exile in the forest. She left behind her life of luxury and loyally accepted the hardships of forest life where she devotedly cared for her husband and his family. One day, while chopping wood in the forest, Satyavan suddenly felt faint. He laid his head in Savitri’s lap and died. But when Yama, the god of death, came to take Satyavan away from his body, Savitri got up and followed him. Again and again, Yama tried to convince her to turn back, warning her of the terrible consequences to herself if she followed him, but she continued to follow behind him. Finally, Yama offered Savitri a boon, saying she could ask for anything except the life of Satyavan. Savitri requested that she and Satyavan have 100 children, creating a dilemma for Yama. How were Savitri and Satyavan to have children if he took Satyavan away? Impressed by Savitri’s devotion, Yama returned Satyavan to his body and Satyavan awakened as if from a deep sleep. Women who observe fasting on Savitri Puja hope to achieve Savitri’s qualities of love, determination, loyalty and courage as well as a long and happy life for their spouse.

Artwork by B.G. Sharma

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Hindu Council Australia

HBF donates to Fiji Cyclone Relief

By Jay Raman and Sai Paravastu

Hindu Benevolent Fund, a project of Hindu Council of Australia has donated $2,100 for the relief work being done in  Fiji for the victims of the recent cyclones in Fiji.

Hindu Council had a few months ago helped raise substantial donation in cash and kind (3 containers of clothing, utensils, baby food etc) as sequence to Flood Relief Appeal from Fiji government. This was an initiative of Karma Kitchen, HBF and HCA volunteers. Kanti Jinna sought the help of Fiji High Commission and the goods were sent to the right people in need in Fiji.

Mr Sai Paravastu, Director Hindu Council of Australia

HBF had earlier sent relief goods for helping immediate needs of the cyclone victims. This money is to be used for rehabilitation of the Fiji cyclone victims.

The High Commissioner of Fiji had invited Hindu Council of Australia volunteers to thanks them and to facilitate for the help. Hindu Council’s NSW President Mr Jay Raman and by Hindu Council’s Director Community Services Mr Sai Paravastu went to the high commission to meet them. The Hon Fiji High Commissioner Mr Yogesh Punja and Hon Consul General and Trade Commissioner Mr Zarak Khan met them and hosted a high tea for them. During the Tea, they were acquainted with various activities of Hindu Council.
Mr Zarak Khan offered to send a Fijian cultural team to perform in next Deepavali festival.  He also confirmed high commission’s participation in Parramatta Deepavali festival and take up a community stall.

Sai Paravastu, Jay Raman, Yogesh Punja and Zarak Khan

During the cyclone and floods, 280 homes were destroyed in Kadavu Island. Rebuilding efforts are in place and it will take some time before life comes back to normal. The money donated by Hindu Council will be used for rebuilding effort.
The Hindu Council team promised to keep in touch and made an open offer of help to Fiji and Fijian in their times of crisis.


Interfaith Peace Symposium “Empowerment of Women”

Bharathi Rengarajan of Hindu Council of Australia, gave a talk on Empowerment of women on an Interfaith Peace Symposium organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Woman Association  Australia held in Sydney. She talked about Hindu feminine Gods and how women can empower themselves.

The meeting was also addressed by Rissa Mclnnes – Riverstone Electorate local woman of the Year 2018, Daljit Kaur -Australian Sikh Association, Women & Children Affairs, Miss Tazeen Mehmood – Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, Australia, Louisa Lui – Mingyue Lay Buddhist Temple, Bonnyrigg, Colleen Foley -Good Shepherd Parish, Plumpton, Councillor Ms Danielle Wheeler – Hawkesbury City Council and with a concluding address by Anjum Khan, National President, Women’s Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Australia

Hindu Chaplains visit patients in Hospitals

Hindu Council of Australia got an urgent request today from a relative of a terminally ill patient to speak to a Hindu Chaplain in order to understand and seek some guidance help for a terminally ill family member presently in north shore hospital.  Our Hindu Chaplain Ms Jayanthi Ramanan had a long chat with the relatives and consoled them. The request was fulfilled in a matter of hours.

(1) Royal North Shore Hospital.jpg
By Sardaka (talk) 08:44, 17 January 2012 (UTC) – Own work, CC BY 3.0, Link

Hindu Chaplains visit Hospitals at Westmead and Royal North Shore hospiyals in Sydney. Two more Hindu Chaplains have been placed in Blacktown hospital and we soon expect that Hindu Chaplains will become available in Cocord Hospital and in Liverpool Hospital also.

Hindu Chaplains provide an invaluable service to Hindu families in times of such crisis.

Hindu Council rebuts ABC radio’s biased program against Hindus

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is generally well known for its balanced view of the world. Despite its high journalistic standards, it sometimes slips into Hindu bashing in the garb of India bashing. 

Mr Philip Adams one of the respected, popular and long standing radio broadcaster did it this time under the heading “India Now : the great democratic experiment”. Hindu Council of Australia’s National President Mr Prakash Mehta, accused Mr Adams of being ignorant of India’s history, its great achievements and of playing in the hands of disgruntled communal Indian politicians.  He also objected to Hindu bashing evident in the broadcast. Other listeners also objected to the one sided views expressed in the program.

Phillip Andrew Hedley AdamsAOFAHAFRSA (born 12 July 1939) is an Australian humanist,[2]social commentator, broadcaster, public intellectual and farmer. He hosts an ABC Radio Nationalprogram, Late Night Live, four nights a week, and writes a weekly column for The Australian.

The radio program was aired on ABC radio and its audio can be heard on

Mr Prakash Mehta said,

It seems this time Phillip Adams brought Congress Party spokespersons and paraded them as academic scholars. Don’t believe in what I say? Read on….

Rebuttal of Points made by Sunil

1. India took a giant leap from the millennia of caste ridden Hindu culture to the oppressive British Raj: Interestingly, despite being a political science expert, he forgets that Moghuls ruled for nearly 800 years before the British? He also forgot the reign of Harsha, Vikramaditya, Maurya et al known as the golden era of India? 

2. He forgets Basaveswara 12th century statesman and philosopher and his phenomenal work even before Magna Carta in inclusiveness including empowerment of women 

3. left suffered in emergency. Interestingly left wholeheartedly backed emergency. 

4. Gandhi then Nehru and then the WW II aftermath saved democracy in India but doesn’t tell us that Nehru lost to Patel by 0-12 (of the 15 members three abstained) in the congress party election, yet Gandhi issued a dictate, Nehru should be PM. Thus, both these leaders killed democracy in the embryonic stage itself and Nehru shamelessly accepted to become the first PM and Gandhi considered his wish more important than democratic election. ( 

5. He says the new definition is democracy is Hinduism but forgets that Hindu majority India and the BJP – a nationalist party- made, for example. a muslim as President (Abdul Kalam), Hepatulla (Governor), Zaidi (Chief election commissioner). Democracy survived because of Hindu majority need a proof? see what happened in neighbouring Pakistan

6. Army is being used NOW to handle internal crisis like J&K and Naxals. For the last three decades, army is used in J&K and against Naxals. Yet Sunil uses the word ‘NOW ‘

7. farmers and dalit protests give hope: Check out who instigated Dalit protest by blatantly false statement that Atrocities Act is being abolished..Rahul Gandhi !..

He further added that :

1. RSS had no role in freedom movement: It is the same hogwash that congress party pushes. RSS did participate in the Quit India Movement. Read British Home Department records at that point in time instead of the history written by the Leftist and Nehruvian historians (
2. Appointment of Army Chief by Modi govt superseding two seniors is a threat to democracy. Indira Gandhi brought Arun Vaidya in 1978 superseding Gen Sinha. Also the UPA superseded Sinha to bring in Dhawan? (
3. Nandini echoes Rahul Gandhi when she says democracy is in threat because the impeachment motion against Chief Justice is rejected by Vice President. Naidu rejected CJI impeachment after consulting several legal luminaries. 
4. Nandini again echoes Rahul Gandhi by accusing bench fixing by CJI 
5. Terrorism: Cases were falsely lodged by Congress Party going by recent judgement from Supreme Court. Court considers evidence before giving judgements. 
6. People are ignoring gangrapes: Really? Media reports otherwise 
7. Media subordinated: NDTV, IndiaToday TV, The Wire, Indian Express, the Hindu are anti Modi media and spew venom day in and day out against Modi. Google it …
8. Retired general appointed to political office. Well General Vaidya and Air Marshal Latif were appointed as Governors by Indira Gandhi too. But here because of Gen Singh we could safely bring back over 4000 Indians, and 500 Americans trapped in Yemen- rescued mainly included Muslims and Kerala Leftists !!
Both Sunil and Nandini conveniently forget that in 2014 Modi’s BJP was in power only in four states now it is in power in 21 states and congress is reduced to four. All democratically elected with two defeats too Punjab and Delhi. Yet they feel democracy is in danger. 

Western Australia adds a new chapter to Hindu Council

A WA chapter of Hindu Council of Australia has been established on 12th March 2018.

First program will be to welcome HH Mahant Swami of BAPS by all Hindu Organisations. HCA WA chapter will lead this program to establish relation with other Hindu Organisations in WA.

Second Program will be celebration of International Yoga Day.

Following are the team members of the WA chapter.

1 Damji Koria. -Coordinator
2 Ramesh Shah.
3 Shashi limbachiya.
4 Keyur kamdar.
5 Vijay Kumar.
6 Bijukumar Prabhakaran. .
7 Amool Bhargav.
8. Mrs Sadhana Boss