Invitation to the Divine Steps Festival

Sydney Comes Together as One – Divine Steps Festival 10 November 2019 | Pyrmont Bay Park     Sydney Comes Together as One on 10 November – Your Invitation to the Divine Steps Festival On Sunday 10 November 2019 (9am to 4pm) at Pyrmont Bay Park, Pyrmont, the multifaith community of Sydney shall join together for NSW’s first ever […]

Celebrate Deepavali in Melbourne

Shri Swami Narayan Temple Melbourne is celebrating a Diwali Mela on Oct 26th at the temple, in association with HCA.

Western Union Dance Competition

💥🥁#Deepavali2019 festival at the Bella Vista Farms will be one to remember 💃🏽Western union is sponsoring the dance competition! Come and watch some of the best dancers in Sydney perform 💥Only one week to go what are you waiting for! 👇🏽 book your tickets on 👉🏼 ✅A chance to win 50 inch Soniq Eseries full […]

Book Your Tickets Now

💥✨ Book your tickets today for the #Deepavali2019 mela at Bella Vista Farms and enter into a chance to win a 📺 TV 🎆A 50 inches SONIQ E-Series Full HD LED TV will be given as prize to the winner from the draw. 👇🏽Press the link below to purchase your tickets: Buy Deepavali Tickets Online


🙏🏼 #HinduCouncilofAustralia have arranged 💥Free Transport from Westmead💥 to the ✨Bella Vista Farms ✨for the #Deepavali2019 event on Sunday 20th October ☝🏽First Bus 12pm from Westmead 📢 BUS EVERY 30 MINUTES ☝🏽 Last Bus 9.30pm from Bella Vista ✅No excuses book your tickets NOW for the biggest extravaganza Sydney has seen! 👉🏼…/buy-deepavali-tickets-online-2/ ✅A chance to […]

1 Day to go Deepavali Festival 2019 @Martin Place

Keep The Festival going on 16 th October 2019 @Martin Place

One Week Left Book tickets before 17th October

#Deepavali2019 celebrates a tradition that has a long history. ♥️♥️♥️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️Only one week to go what are you waiting for book your tickets on…/buy-deepavali-tickets-online-2/ #Amazingfireworks🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆 #WesternunionDanceCompetition ✅A chance to win 50 inch Soniq Eseries full Led Tv Share the message with family and friends 🙏🏼 👉🏼For more information and exhibit opportunities please visit the website: […]

Hindu Council of Australia Share Information with Sur Samvaad Gujarati Radio

This year the Hindu Council of Australia #hinducouncilofaustralia #diwalimela #sydneydiwali is organising Diwali Mela at several locations in Sydney. Council spokesperson and volunteer Dharmendra Modi talks to us about the forthcoming events. Please click on the following link to listen to this information — with ધર્મેન્દ્ર મોદી, Zarmar Pandya and Aradhana Bhatt.

UNSW Deepvali 2019 invitation

Deepavali Invitation from UNSW Hindu Society 🙏🏼#HinduCouncilofAustralia thanks the UNSW Hindu Society for their support and welcome message to the #Deepavali2019 event at the Bella Vista Farms on the 20th October✨💥 Make this the Deepavali event to remember!✅For tickets to the event please press on the link below: 👇🏽 Hindu Council Deepavali at Bella Vista […]

Invitation Ravan Dahan

💥✨#HinduCouncilofAustralia wishes everyone a Happy Dussehra *Dasha Hara* is a Sanskrit word which means removal of ten bad qualities within us…. *_Ahankara_* (Ego) *_Amaanavta_* (Cruelty) *_Anyaaya_* (Injustice) *_Kama vasana_* (Lust) *_Krodha_* (Anger) *_Lobha_* (Greed) *_Mada_* (Over Pride) *_Matsara_* (Jealousy) *_Moha_* (Attachment) *_Swartha_* (Selfishness) Hence, also known as *’Vijaydashami’* signifying *’Vijaya’* over these ten bad qualities. […]