Take a quiz on Hindu Rituals

Is your knowledge about Hinduism and Hindu rituals is as good as you think it is? Take this simple five minute quiz to find out.

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1. Samskara (rites of passage) celebrate major life events? Yes/No


2. Hindus in ancient time used to carry Ganga water with them for drinking when travelling overseas? Yes/No


3. A Hindu pilgrimage can only be done by visiting a holy place? Yes/No


4. Which of the following are places of pilgrimage?


5. In a Yajna, oblations are offered into the fire? Yes/No


6. Japa requires you repeat a mantra over and over?


7. Puja (worship) can only be performed by a Brahmin priest only? Yes/No


8. An aarti can be done to multiple Gods at the same time? Yes/No


9. Which of the following are samskars (rites of passage)?


10. Food offered to God in a puja worship is only meant for God and cant be consumed by devotees? Yes/No


11. Every Hindu must perform Rituals? Yes/No


12. In most Hindu temples, deity is woken up in the morning and set to sleep in the evening? Yes/No


13. There are only 4 rites of passage and every Hindu must follow them? Yes/No


14. Which of the following paths can lead to Moksha (salvation)?


15. Puja should have either mantra or bhajans sung in the praise of the Lord? Yes/No


16. A Hindu Arti must have a lamp or a flame? Yes/No


17. A Hindu must do all the rituals inside a temple only? Yes/No


18. Those following the path of Gnan (knowledge) do not have to do any Yajna? Yes/No


19. Kumbhmela held at the confluence of Ganga and Yamuna rivers is attended by a hand full of people? Yes/No


20. Yajna (fire-oblation) can only be performed during a marriage ceremony? Yes/No


21. Each festival has some story and rituals associated with it? Yes/No


22. Darshan of a Hindu God is an act of devotee seeing the Lord as well as Lord seeing the devotee? Yes/No


23. A Hindu aarti always has song accompanying the waving of a flame or a light?

Is fire hot or cold?

Ram Sita Kalyanam Vivah in Parramatta 3rd November 2018

Hindu Council of Australia is celebrating Deepavali festival on 3rd and 4th of November 2018 in Parramatta Park this year also.

A special attraction of this year is likely to be an elaborate performance of Rama Sita Kalyanam or Ram Sita Vivah (marriage of Ram and Sita) being planned for 3rd November in Parramatta park location.

Ram Sita Kalyanam volunteers team meets to plan the event

Ram Sita Kalyanam volunteers team meets to plan the event

This is going to be a huge event and the planning has already started. Our Sai Ji is leading the initiative. A team of volunteers has already started preparations for this grand occasion. Some of the suggestions circulating among the team is to 

  • perform Rama Pattabishekam
  • procession/kolatam to carry idols to the mandapam in a palaki
  • Kalyanam or Vivhah before sunset.

We welcome your suggestions about this event and encourage you to come and join the volunteers team and shape this event.

To participate in making the event happen, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post. You can also visit Hindu Council web site and sign up as a volunteer specifying your interest in Ram Sita Kalyanam event.

A new film on Love Jihad by Sudipto Sen

Renonwned film artist Sudipto Sen has made a new film titled ‘In the Name of Love-Melancholy of God’s Own Country’. A screening of the film was organised by Global Indian Foundation and Vivekanand Vichar Manch of Jawahar Lal Nehru University in Delhi. The film focuses on the issue of ‘love jihad’ and religious conversion of girls in Kerala and is based on a true story.

Members of Jawaharlal Nehru Students Union and Gender Sensitisation Committee Against Sexual Harassment disrupted the screening. The organizers of the screening in a statement said: “After disrupting the screening of the movie at Sabarmati dhaba, the left-wing protesters grievously injured a guard intentionally.”

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Summary of films by Sudipto Sen

AASMA (IN THE NAME OF JIHAD) – Hindi feature film – Just Completed

LUCKNOW TIMES – Hindi feature film – Completed

An hour-long documentary on the issue of religious conversion and so called ‘LOVE JIHAD’!

Project in development:
INDIAN AUTUMN – Indo-US Co-Production film – English/Bengali Bi-lingual film – On Development
Hindi/English feature film NUTAN BAZAAR (2017-2018)
History of 5000-years of Indian civilization – A TV Series

Work of reckoning:
English feature film THE LAST MONK (2006)
World Premier at Cannes Film Festival – 2006
Special Invitation Screening at Rotterdam Film Festival – 2006 
Participated in 37 other film festivals

Short feature film AKHNOOR (2007) 
(An Indo-Belgian Co Production) 
Attended 17 International Film Festivals

Malayalam Feature Film ANTHIPONNOVETTAM (2008)
An Indo-French Co Production CORENTIN’S QUEST(2008)
BLUE MOUNTAINS by Suman Ganguli (Consultant)

A human story on pristine water body near Kolkata
Attended 21 International film festivals

NA BATE DER… (It will not be late) (2003)
A film on revolutionary peasant movement in India
Attended 11 international film festivals 

A documentary on fast vanishing Islands at World’s largest deltaic region, Sundarvans

Worked For:
THE WORLD BANK (As an empanelled producer 1998-2002) 
Made more than 75 Developmental Corporate films

Ad & Corporate
Worked for more than 50 commercials and corporate films

BEST FILM AWARD (AKHNOOR) at Golden Gate Film Festival, USA 2007-2008 
INTEGRATED REALIZATION AWARD (AKHNOOR) at Brussels International Film Festival 2008 SPECIAL JURY AWARD (AKHNOOR) at San Francisco Film Festival 2007 
Best Cinematography (THE LAST MONK) – Cine International FF

Changes to Marriage Celebrants law and rules 2018

The Marriage Regulations 1963 were repealed on 1 April 2018 and have been replaced with the Marriage Regulations 2017, which commenced on 1 April 2018. A copy of the new regulations can be found here: https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2017L01359. We would appreciate your assistance with advising your authorised celebrants of this change.

 The Marriage Regulations 2017 have simplified many of the requirements of the Marriage Regulations 1963. Obsolete or unnecessary provisions have been removed. The changes have also removed complex and outdated language and concepts. Please note the requirements for a valid marriage in Australia, including the form of ceremony used to solemnise a marriage, are contained in the MarriageAct 1961. These requirements have not changed.

 Marriage Law and Celebrants Section is in the process of preparing new Guidelines on the Marriage Act 1961 for authorised celebrants, updated to include the new regulations and marriage equality. The new Guidelines will be published on the Attorney-General’s Department’s website, on the ‘celebrantresources’ page, in due course.

 Some specific requirements in the Marriage Regulations 2017 which we would like to draw to the attention of ministers of religion of recognised denominations are outlined below.

 Part 2 –Marriage of minors

The Marriage Regulations 2017 explicitly state that a person must not solemnise a marriage of a person under the age of 18 years unless they have been given an order from a Judge or magistrate authorising the marriage. Such an order is made under section 12 of the Marriage Act.

 The Marriage Regulations 2017 have also introduced a new requirement that translations of parental consents to a marriage of a minor must be prepared by a National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd (NAATI) accredited or recognised translator. This will enable Judges, magistrates, prescribed authorities and celebrants to have confidence that consents have been accurately translated.

 Part 3, Division1 (‘Ministers of religion’) and Division 3 (‘Marriages by authorised celebrants’)

 Part 3, Division 3contains some provisions dealing with record keeping obligations. These include:

  • As partof their record keeping obligations, ministers of religion are required to keep their Form 15 certificate record of use form for a period of six years from the last entry on the form. The details of each Form 15 certificate which must be recorded on the record of use form are the same as the details that were required under the Marriage Regulations 1963.
  • In relation to dealing with retained official certificates, a minister of religion who solemnises a marriage must ensure that:

(a)  if the marriage was solemnised in a church of the relevant religious body or religious organisation that is in a parish or other district in charge of a minister of religion of that organisation or body—the retained official certificate is added to the records of the parish or district; or

(b)  if the marriage was solemnised in a church of the relevant religious body or religious organisation that is not in a parish or district of the kind referred to in paragraph (a)—the retained official certificate is added to the records of the church; or

(c)  in any other case—the retained official certificate is added to the records of the relevant religious body or religious organisation.