The Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre 30th Birth Anniversary Celebration

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 Saturday 25 March 2017 – Sunday 14 May 2017   


To celebrate HTCC 30th Birth anniversary, a number of divine activities are planned to share Hindu values and traditions by way of various rituals, spiritual and cultural programs and a focus on Japa Yoga for the manifestations of Divinity enshrined in the Divya Mandir – HTCC. It would bring more community awareness about Hinduism and for our own self unfoldment. The divine program consists of Navratri Chandi Yagna, Japa Yoga, Walking on Fire ( Mariamman Pooja), Ramayana Sammelan, Girimit Day, Srimad Bhagwat Saptah,  Hanuman Jayanti, Sri Mahavir Jayanti celebrations, Yoga Day, Divya Mandir Pran Pritishtha ceremony, Open Day etc.  It is expected that all the current daily programs in the Temple will be a part of this celebrations along with additional programs and collective chanting of various Mantras for specific deities – Japa Yoga.

Japa Yoga  is an important and easy way of self-unfoldment in Kaliyuga. Mantra is a divine sound reverberating in each and everything in this universe. It is easy to experience God by repeating the mantra. Bhagwan Sri Krishna ji says in Holy Gita “yagyanaam japa yagyah asmi”. The great saint Parma Pujya Tukaram ji said “ With the name of God on your lips, the bliss of liberation is right in your hand”.   

Following Mantra are compiled for  manifestations of Divinity enshrined in the Divya Mandir- HTCC. 

  • Om Sri Ganeshaaya Namah Om Sri Saraswatyai Namah Om Namo Naraayanaya Om Namah Sivaaya Om Sri Raamaaya Namah Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaaya  Om Sri Hanumateh Namah Om Sri Swami Ayappaye  Namah Om Sri Gurave Namah Om Sri Durgai Namah Om Sri Mahaviraaya Namah Buddham Sarnam Gacchaami
  • Gaytri Mantra – Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah, Tat Svitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi,  Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat   Paalani Muruga Vel Muruga, Sharanam Sharnam Vel Muruga Maha Mantra – Hare Raam Hare Raam Raam Raam Raam Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
  • Navagrah Mantra- Brahmaa Muraaris-Tripurantakaari, Bhaanuh Shashi Bhuumisuto Budhas-ch  Gurush-ch  Shukrah Shani-Rahu- Ketvah,  Sarve Graha Shantikara Bhavnatu

Likhita Japa Yoga

Devotees are requested to  start writing one or more of these Mantra or any Mantra of their choice in a paper bound copy of 64  pages or A4 paper whatever convenient in their divine homes at their leisure.  A minimum of 125,000 or more  Likhit Mantra are targeted to be put in the capsule in the foundation of the new divine building – Shantiniketan,  as we did for the Divya Mandir.  Likhit Japa can be done in your own home, choose one or more mantras of your choice and  be a part of this Yagna. Please contact Panditji 0420264578 or Tarunji 0421336640 to register your divine interest, blank copies and pen can be collected from Panditji if required. Please join for Mantra Chanting – Japa from your home through the Facebook (Shree Tarun Agasti)   from 6.00-6.30 PM everyday .  For more information please visit


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